Privacy Policy


Duetone Corporation ("we", "our" or "us"), based at Toronto, Canada, designs and builds custom-tailored mobile apps to serve the needs of conferences and events. Conferences and events use our services to design and build these apps to serve their needs, and you, as a user who attends or are interested in a conference or event, use our mobile apps for the convenience of navigating the conference program, downloading conference-related material, or engaging in community discussions.

Our mobile apps are designed from scratch to take the protection of your personal information and privacy very seriously. The privacy of your personal information is your right. With this privacy policy, we wish to make our policies on protecting the privacy of your personal data clear and understandable. It explains how we collect, store, and share your personal information, so please read it carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Once downloaded, our mobile apps can be launched and running without collecting any of your personal data. No sign-up or sign-in processse are mandatory for using most of the features in the mobile apps, including browsing the conference program schedule, marking talks as favourites or as reminders, searching for talks using keywords, browsing the venue maps, setting filters to view a portion of the conference program, and recommending similar talks based on your favourites.

Your reminders, favourites, filters, and search keywords are treated as private personal data and will not be collected. They will only be used within the app, and will be lost once the app is removed from the device.

We collect your identity to be used in the following three features in our mobile apps: (1) for rating talks using a five-star rating system; (2) for participating in community discussions; and (3) to mark a talk as no show as a session chair in the conference. In all of these features, only your full name is collected as your identity. Your identity is used to ensure that the rating and no show information and the community discussions cannot be submitted anonymously, and can be trusted.

Several options are used to collect your name. For iOS apps only, we use iCloud with your explicit approval to share your name with our apps. For Android apps only, you are able to submit a name with an email address. For both iOS and Android apps, we also use Google and Facebook authentication as alternative options. Except the name + email option in Android, only your name will be collected using iCloud, Google, or Facebook authentication. Once you signed in and your name has been collected, it is shown as the title of the Settings view. You are able to sign out at any time.

Only your name will be submitted to our servers in the cloud together with your rating information, no show indication for talks, and messages in community discussions. The rating and no show information may be provided to the conference or event organizers upon request. Messages in community discussions can be publicly viewed by anyone within the mobile apps. All rating information, no show information, and messages in community discussions will be permanently deleted within one year of the event.

If you accept the request for your location information when the app launches the first time, the app may contact surrounding Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to detect the approximate indoor location of your device when attending the conference. Such information is not affiliated with your name even if you have signed in, and will only be collected and stored in the cloud to compute the relative popularity of conference sessions. When collecting locations of devices, your name will not be used at the same time even if you have already signed in. All locations collected are approximate, and only indicates the room that a device resides in.